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Supplied non-sterile.

BPA/DEHP free. Recyclable.

ARDO Clinistore glass expressed breast milk (EBM) bottles are compatible with ARDO and other leading breast pump sets.

An environmentally friendly and easily recyclable alternative to traditional plastic breast pump bottles with none of the potential problems associated with heating plastics.

ARDO glass breast milk bottles have a clear, easy to read filling scale and a 'standard' 40mm screw thread.

Lid is made from BPA-free polypropylene which is widely recycled.

Suitable for storage in fridge or freezer.

Not for resale.


ARDO glass breast pump bottle 130ml

Photograph © Copyright R Cassidy 2020

ARDO non-sterile glass EBM bottle 130ml

Product code: 63.00.109


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Before each use and after each cleaning, check bottles and caps for damage (glass splinters/cracks etc) and cleanliness. Discard damaged parts immediately.


This product is supplied non-sterile. May be autoclaved at 121 deg C for 20 minutes.

Before use at home for the first time, boil the bottles and lids (disassembled) for 10 minutes.

Dishwasher and steam steriliser safe.

May be sterilised with ARDO microwave steriliser bags.

These bottles are intended to be re-used many times.


ARDO Clinistore milk storage bottles will screw directly to the breastshield adapters supplied with ARDO and other leading hospital grade breast pumps. They have a standard 40mm thread, commonly used in hospitals and clinics. The 40mm thread is sometimes referred to as 'narrow neck' and is a common size for single use teats used in hospitals.

Country of Origin

Made in the EU.